Former Group Members

Our collaborations have helped more than 10 postdocs and 20 past Ph.D. fellows follow their career path around the world to obtain successful positions in both academia and research.

Former Scientists

Marina Martin Sandoval, until 2022

Dr. Will Alan Overholt, until 2022, now Senior Bioinformatics Scientist at Applied Bioinformatics Laboratory (ABiL), Atlanta, USA

Dr. Syrie M. Hermans, until 2022, now Postdoc at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Johanna Bößneck, until 2022

Kevin Bisdorf, until 2022

Dr. Rebecca Cooper, until 2021, now Research Scientist at Biobot Analytics, USA

Dr. Lijuan Yan, until 2019, now Executive Specialist BASF Berlin

Dr. Cassandre Lazar, until 2017, now Professor at Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

PD Dr. Steffen Kolb, until 2015, now Professor of Microbial Biochemistry at Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung (ZALF) e. V., Müncheberg, Germany

Dr. Shipeng Lu, until 2015, now Research Assistant at Institute of Botany, Jiangsu Province and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Juanjuan Wang, until 2015, China

Denise M. Akob, Ph.D. until 2012, now Research group leader at U.S. Geological Survey, Reston USA

Dr. Anna Rusznyak, until 2011, now Scientific Coordinator at Leibniz Institute for Plant Biochemistry, Halle (Saale), Germany

Dr. Peter Bouwma, until 2010

Dr. Marco Reiche, until 2010, now Managing Director at Umwelt-Geräte-Technik GmbH, Müncheberg, Germany

Dr. Sharon Avrahami, until 2007

Dr. Bernd Spänhoff, until 2006

Former Doctoral Researchers

Dr. Rachael Akinyede, until 2022

Dr. Qianqian Li, until 2021, now Service Lab Scientist at Singleron Biotechnologies

Dr. Patricia Geesink, until 2020, now Postdoc at Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands

Dr. Stefan Kügler, until 2019, now Abbott Jena

Dr. Anke Hädrich, until 2018, now Scientific Coordinator of iRTG AquaDiva at FSU Jena

Dr. Swatantar Kumar, until 2018, now Postdoc at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, VA, USA

Dr. Jiro Mori, until 2017, now Assistant Professor at Yokohama City University, Japan

Dr. Tsing Bohu, until 2015, now Research Assistant at Mineral Resources, CSIRO

Dr. Felix Beulig, until 2015, now Staff Scientist, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability

Dr. Maria Fabisch, until 2014, now Scientific Coordinator of CRC AquaDiva at FSU Jena

Dr. Shipeng Lu, until 2012, now Research Assistant at Institute of Botany, Jiangsu Province and Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Dr. Jana Sitte, until 2011

Dr. Eva-Maria Burkhardt, until 2010

Dr. Marco Reiche, until 2009, now Geschäftsführer Umwelt-Geräte Technik GmbH

 Dr. Ute-Risse Buhl, until 2008, now Research Assistant at Department Fließgewässerökologie Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH - UFZ, Magdeburg

Dr. Elisabeth Pohlon, until 2006, now Research Assistant at Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Animal Ecology

Former Master, Diploma and Magister Students

Reilly-Schott, Vincent, 2022, Master thesis: Detecting labeled microbial cells in complex communities by Raman microspectroscopy

Finck, Jessica, 2020, Master thesis: Metabolic potential of the microverse iron-oxidizer Sideroxydans sp. CL21, isolated from an iron-rich, slightly acidic fen

Montoya, Eugenio Perez Molphe, 2020, Master thesis: The distributions and lifestyles of Omnitrophica populations within shallow groundwater

Mielke, Lydia, 2020, Master thesis: Untersuchung des Einflusses von höheren trophischen Ebenen

Heinze, Beatrix Maria, 2019, Master thesis: Impact of autochthonous primary producation on a groundwater microbial community

Gorniak, Linda, 2019, Master thesis: Insights into lanthanide-dependent physiology in novel Beijerinckiaeae metholytrophs isolated from early industrial soft coal slags

Deckner, Florian, 2018, Master thesis: Communicty structure and activity of soil nitrifiers under different land use in the Hanich Critical Zone Exploratory

Micheller, Franz Josef, 2016, Master thesis: Revealing the diversity and antimicrobial potential of Agelas sventres-associated baceteria along a depth gradient via cultivation-depdendent approaches

Rosenberger, Silvia, 2016, Master thesis: Exploration of the attachment of microorganisms on rock surfaces

Vetter, Sebastian, 2016, Master thesis: Physiologische Anpassung von Bodenalgen an extreme CO2 Konzentrationen in Nassmofetten

Schellhorn, Danny, 2016, Master thesis: Effects of anopy throughfall patterns and tree species on soil physicochemical parameters and soil ammonia oxidizers aboudnance and diversity in the Hainich National Park

Stähli, Jan, 2016, Master thesis: Cellulose, starch, and xylan-degrading microbionoms in an oxic limestone aquifer

Rughöft, Saskia, 2015, Master thesis: Soil microbial communities involved in nitrogen cycling along two geologically different catenas in Kruger National Park

Hackbusch, Steffen, 2014, Master thesis: Abundance and activity of methane oxidizing bacteria in the River Elbe estuary

Seiler, Katrin, 2014, Master thesis: Ecophysiology of a Manganese(II)-oxidizing fungal isolate from the former uranium-mining district Ronneburg

Kögler, Felix, 2013, Master thesis: The impact of in situ microorganisms on oil recovery measured and evaluated in sandpack experiments

Jung, Marco, 2013, Master thesis: Effects of strongly increasing coastal iron export on the receiving system - chemical and biological aspects

Litzba, Ulrike, 2013, Master thesis: Influence of humic acids on microbially formed Fe(III) oxides

Freyer, Gina, 2012, Master thesis: Fe-oxidizing bacteria involved in heavy metal adsorption or co-precipitation with iron oxyhdroxid

Lange, Patricia, 2012, Master thesis: Characterization of the eukaryotic life in limestone aquifers affected by a land use gradient

Schulze, Isabell, 2011, Master thesis: Charakterisierung bakterieller Gemeinschaften in Karstgrundwasserökosystemen im Hainich (Thüringen)

Beyer, Andrea, 2010, Master thesis: Formation of Mn oxides by new Mn(II)-oxidizing bacterial isolates

Beulig, Felix, 2010, Master thesis: Microbial communities involved in iron cycling at an acid mine drainage-affected creek

Stefan Gischkat, 2010, Master thesis: Ecophysiology of acidophilic Fe (III)-reducing bacteria isolated from the sediment of a former mine lake

Lüdecke, Claudia, 2009, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Aktivität und Diversität Fe(II)-oxidierender Mikroorganismen aus einem Niedermoor entlang oxisch-anoxischer Gradienten

Trefzger, Nicolai, 2009, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Autochthoner Kohlenstofffluss in Biofilmen kleiner Fließgewässer

Kaufmann, Christian, 2009, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Interaktionen von Sulfatreduzieren mit Schwer- und Halbmetallen

Keller, Tina, 2009, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Bacterial Diversity in and cytotoxic potential of Pseudomonas spp. associated with the freshwater sponge Ephydatia fluviatilis

Torburg Grit, 2009, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Aktivität von Eisen(III)-reduzierenden und Fe(II)-oxidierenden Mikroorganimen in einem Niedermoor

Hädrich, Anke, 2008, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Microbial mineralization processes in iron-rich fens subjected to water table manipulations

Bischoff, Sebastian, 2008, Magisterarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Interaktionen von Fe(III)-reduzierenden Mikroorganismen und Schwermetallen

Böhme Anne, 2008, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Effects of Protozoa with different feeding modes on biofilm morphology

Löffler, Sylvia, 2007, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Charakterisierung der geochemischen Barrieren am Gessenbach

Bauer, Isabel, 2007, Magisterarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Aktivität und Abundanz von Mikroorganismen in geochemischen Barrieren am Gessenbach

Scheibe, Andrea, 2007, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Änderung der Aktivität und Gemeinschaft nitrifizierender Mikroorganismen in Biofilmen kleiner Fließgewässer: ein Fließrinnenexperiment

Domhardt, Heidi, 2006, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Handpumpen versus Freeze-Coring - Vergleich der Methoden zur Beprobung der Invertebraten-Fauna im hyporheischen Interstitial

Huchel, Anne, 2006, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Einfluss von Sedimentpartikeln auf die mikrobielle Struktur und Kohlenstoffdynamik in Biofilmen

Gebühr, Christina, 2005, Diplomarbeit im Studiengang Biologie: Struktur und Sukzession der Algengemeinschaften in den Phytotelmen einer allochthonen Population von Sarracenia purpurea L.

Former Bachelor Students

Negin Khodabakhshi: 2022, Bachelor thesis: Net aquatic biological productivity from O2/Ar measurements in Kolyma River, Siberia.

Klußmann, Aspasia, 2021, Bachelor thesis: Diversität und Aktivität von nitrifizierenden und nitrat-reduzierenden Mikroorganismen in der Aerationszone des Hainich Critical Zone Exploratory 

Fuchs, Carolin, 2021, Bachelor thesis: Metabolie labeling with D20: How does Deuterium incorporation affect microbial DNA?

Sellmaier, Samuel, 2020, Bachelor thesis: Carbon cycle metabolishm and aquatic ecosystem metabolism in River Kolyma, Siberia

Gogesch, Sarah Patrizia, 2019, Bachelor thesis: Evaluation of microbial communities in a dehesa using PLFA and NLFA

Kusturica, Annemarie, 2017, Bachelor thesis: Aufreinigung von Siderophoren aus Bodenbakterien des Schlöppnerbrunnens

Gorniak, Linda, 2016, Bachelor thesis: Assessing the temporal microbial diversity shifts during 13C-sodium bicarbonate stable isotope probing incubations with groundwater

Carstens, Lena, 2016, Bachelor thesis: Abundance and diversity of groundwater microorganisms that pass through 0,2 um pore size filters

Lücking, Dominik, 2016, Bachelor thesis: Growth, activity and functional gene expression of denitrifying bacteria isolated from groundwater

Kessler, Vincent, 2016, Bachelor thesis: Assessing archaeal nitrifier community structure in mineral leached soft coal slag

Nettemann, Sara, 2016, Bachelor thesis: Investigation of the diversity of methylamine-utilising microorganisms in freshwater ecosystems

Schweer, Elena, 2016, Bachelor thesis: Characterization and Quantification of the micro-eukaryotic community in two superimposed aquifers in the Hainich (Thuringia, Germany)

Polst, Bastian, 2015, Bachelor thesis: Bacterial colonization of aquifer rocks in biofilm reactors

Ganzauge, Anja, 2014, Bachelor thesis: Untersuchung von Algen-Bakterien-Mineral-Konsortien in stark metallhaltigem Süßwasser, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Kempf, Michaela, 2014, Bachelor thesis: Evaluation of model iron-oxidizing and –reducing microorganisms as ecological-relevant for iron snow communities, Friedrich Schiller University Jena

Raabe, Daniel, 2014, Bachelor thesis: Die Auswirkungen von Barium, Cadmium und Kupfer auf die bakterielle Mn(II)-oxidation bei saurem pH, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Wirsch, Daniela, 2014, Bachelor thesis: Der Bait Lamina Test: Verbesserung der Methode durch verschiedene Färbemethoden in Anwesenheit von Springschwänzen

Boje, Felizitas, 2013, Bachelor thesis: Indentification and isolation of Mn-oxidizing bacteria and funghi in soil from a farmer uranium mining site

Vetter, Sebastian, 2013, Bachelor thesis: Microbial formation and charakterisation of iron snow profides obstained form a lignite mine lake

Harzer, Romy, 2013, Bachelor thesis: Nitrat-Reduktionspotential und Charakterisierung oberflächenassozierer denitrfizierender Gesellschaften in Aquiferes des Nationalparks Hainich

Simon, Carsten, 2012, Bachelor thesis: Einfluss von aufströmenden CO2 auf den exoenzymatischen Umsatz von organischen Material im Boden

Stamm, Carolin, 2012, Bachelor thesis: Microbial Fe(III) reduction potential of iron ochres clogging acidic mining wells

Degenkolb, Laura, 2012, Bachelor thesis: : Gesteinsassoziierte Nitrifizierergesellschaften in Karstgrundwasserleitern

Bold, Sina, 2012, Bachelor thesis: Idendification of oxidation stress in Chironomus riparius larvae exposed to fullerene anoparticles (C60)

Abel, Sebastian, 2012, Bachelor thesis: The potential of activated carbon and biochar adddition ofr remediation of a PCB-contaminated sediment. A comparison of effects on vital functions and PCB-bioaccumlation in Lumbriculus variegatus

Kögler, Felix, 2011, Bachelor thesis: Bacterial communities of two subsurface habitats: Biomineralization in the karstic Herrenberg Cave and mineralogical and bacterial investigations of the Svornost mine

Jung, Marco, 2011, Bachelor thesis: Characterization of the active microbial communities in Iron Snow

Gutmann, Falko, 2011, Bachelor thesis: Nitrat-Reduktionspotential und Gesellschaft dentrifizierender Bakterien und Archaea in Muschelkalk - Aquiferen des Nationalpark Hainich

Schulze, Alexander, 2011, Bachelor thesis: Biogeochemische Charakterisierung eines Mofettenfeldes bei Hartousov im Cheb Becken

Burow, Katja, 2010, Bachelor thesis: Rhizopshären - assoziierte mikrobielle Gemeinschaften von Ammonium-Oxidiern in einem sauren Niedermorr

Wätzel, Tobias, 2009, Bachelor thesis: Einfluss der Torfqualität unterschiedlicher Niedermoore auf die potentielle Bildung der klimarelevanten Gase Kohlenstoffdioxid und Methan

Rasigraf, Oliva, 2009, Bachelor thesis: Einfluss von Metall und Arsenionen auf die Aktivität der Sulfatreduzierer

Litzba, Ulrike, 2009, Bachelor thesis: Diversity and activity of iron-oxodizers and iron-reducers at oxic-anoxic interfaces

Köpf, Heiko, 2009, Bachelor thesis: Der Einluss des pH-Wertes auf die mikrobielle Gemeinschaft der Eisenreduzierer im Sediment eines sauren Sees

Gilbert, Dorothea, 2009, Bachelor thesis: HS-SPME and extraction with digestive fluid to estimate the bioavailabel fractions of sediment-bound PCBs to benthic-invertebrates

Freyer, Gina, 2009, Bachelor thesis: Biogeochemische Charakterisierung eines Baches im ehemaligen Uranabbaugebiet Ronneburg/Seelingstädt

Fischer, Andreas, 2009, Bachelor thesis: Enrichment and Isolation of heavy metal tolerant Fe(ll) oxidizing bacteria from a contaminated creek

Rothardt, Steffi, 2008, Bachelor thesis: Charakterisierung von eisenoxidierenden Mikroorganismen aus schwermetalkontaminierten Sediment und Boden