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We are hiring!
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Postdoc position “Using Bioinformatics to understand Ecosystem Health” (m/f/d)

Join the iDiv strategic project “Using Bioinformatics to understand Ecosystem Health”, as part of the German Centre for integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig!
This project aims to understand the microbial contribution to the health of individuals and finally of ecosystems by digesting and combining especially meta-omics data, and elucidating local and global patterns of molecular diversity. The position is until 30.09.2024.
Apply until September 30th, following the instructions given in the Job announcement 335/202.

Postdoc position in Microbial Ecology (m/f/d)

Join the project "C04: Metallophores as Mediators for Metal Cycling, as part of the CRC_ChemBioSys!
This project aims to obtain in depth insights into interspecies communication of microbes involved in different parts of the Iron-cycle, using comparative transcriptomic analyses and targeted metabolomics studies. The position is until 30.06.2026.
Apply until August 25th, following the instructions given in the Job announcement 282/202.

Scientific Coordinator and Outreach Manager (m/f/d)

As part of the Aquatic Geomicrobiology group and of the Collaborative Research Centre 1076 'AquaDiva', you will support Prof. Küsel and the scientists in many different scientific tasks, will be responsible for public relations and make an important contribution to working group management. The group is heavily involved at management level and in research in large joint projects such as the Cluster of Excellence 'Balance of the Microverse', the German Center for Biodiversity Research (iDiv) and the CRC AquaDiva. Excellent written and spoken English and German skills are required.
The position is until 30.06.2025.
Apply now, following the instructions given in the Job announcement 321/2022.



Applications for Bachelor or Master theses are always welcome!
Please send your request by email to Prof. Dr. Küsel.